Student Advisory Council (SAC) Application

Student Advisory Council (SAC)

Candidate Declaration Form


The Student Advisory Council is a citywide, youth-led organization that is committed to providing a voice for the students of the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) by representing & presenting the interests of the students to the administrative & policy making bodies of the SFUSD.


•Attend an orientation/leadership retreat at beginning of the school year

• Attend all SAC Meetings (Each month on the 2nd and 4th Monday)

• Attend other special engagement & committee meetings as appropriate

• Represent your school & the entire SFUSD student community

• Deliberate & Advise the Board of Education as to policies, resolutions, and/or student views

• Send an alternate when they cannot attend a meeting


• Advocate for change in your schools & throughout SFUSD schools

• Be the voice for your school and fellow students at the Central District level

• Advise the Superintendent & the Board of Education on present and future policies

• Draft, lobby, amend & produce SFUSD Policy Resolutions and/or Superintendent Proposals

• Attend Leadership Retreats; Awards Banquets; Youth Summit; & City Hall engagements

• Build your leadership skills attributed with politics and advisory representation

• Dinner is served at every meeting for all Representatives

For more information

• Contact Salvador Lopez Barr, Student Advisory Council Coordinator (see contact info below)

• Check us out on Facebook SFUSD-Student-Advisory-Council





Application for SAC: (2016-2017) SAC Application Form (Revised 02.09.16)

SAC Flyer: SAC Application Flier (2016-2017)(green version)

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